New House Update: Basement Inspiration

The countdown until we move into our new house is on. We are officially less than 30 days until moving day. I feel so very ready to leave our condo. It was our first home purchase together - but we are excited about what lies ahead. 

We are both in LOVE with our new house. Actually. It's so very us. 

Unfortunately, the new house has a dungeon for a basement. It's actually kinda creepy. Well, according to me and my super awesome realtor. We have had 2 contractors come over to plan out the basement renovation, the cost, and scope of the project. I have never been through a full on renovation like this before, just a small bathroom face-lift, so I am pretty excited. It does seem a bit daunting - but I like the idea of putting together the plans, lay-outs and really customizing the space to our taste.

Here are a few of my must-haves for the finished basement:

1st MUST HAVE: Laundry Station

Right now, the only laundry in the new house is in the upstairs bathroom. It's a washer/dryer combo. Not a super fan of this and heard when you have kids it can be a nightmare! I'm looking forward to getting a super high efficiency washer and dryer. I want there to be storage and a folding station.

2nd MUST HAVE: TV Area + Wainscoting

We are looking forward to creating another living space in the house in the basement. We want to have a super comfy sectional, big tv (Ryan will watch sports + I will watch a ton of reality tv), wainscoting, lots of white and light colours, and just another spot to entertain really. I've heard that putting tile in the basement makes the most sense in case of a flood, so we are going to go with hardwood looking tile. Perhaps, even upgrade some in floor heating. Booyah! 


3rd MUST HAVE: Bathroom + Shower 

When Ryan and I were laying out the criteria in our new home, we said that there had to be at least 2 bathrooms. Well, the house we bought only had one. Sometimes you have to compromise - it is Toronto! Nonetheless, now we need to put in an additional bathroom in the basement. We want a small upright shower, no tub, toilet and sink. 

4th MUST HAVE: Custom Built-Ins

In the new house I am craving organization, storage, and a spot for everything. Living in a condo that had zero storage solutions has really got me thinking about space savers and organization. For the basement I really want to have a custom built-in for the tv, books, toys for future babies, and other odds and ends. It makes for a great focal point in the room and keeps things tidy.

5th MUST HAVE: Pot Lights

The house we bought is an old Victorian home and during that time, basements weren't necessary or needed. Hence, why our basement is such a dungeon. The ceilings are low in the new basement, so as part of the construction we need to bench it, which means we need to dig down to create more height. The other option besides benching is under pinning - but that is a huge beast that comes with a super high price tag. We are opting for the cheaper and just as good option! In order to keep the height we are creating, I want to go with pot lights for lighting. They are snug to the ceiling and look great. 

This renovation is going to be a huge undertaking - but I'm pumped about it.