Wedding Photography Inspiration

When I am thinking about my wedding photos - I look to non-wedding photos for inspiration. Today's post is focusing on photos for me and my girls. I want them to be inspired by fashion and be pictures that we would all want of each other. I want us to look glamorous and have a lot of fun taking them. Better practice your modeling poses ladies! xo

This picture is happening forsure. I love everything about it. 

Since we are getting married at a beautiful resort in Muskoka, this picture with all 7 of my girls the morning of looking at the water would be AH-MAZE!

I would love to get this shot before we are ready + then another after. I have some pretty styling bridesmaids - so this would be unreal especially infront of the rustic cottages.

The un-posey - posey nature of this photo is awesome. 

Besides how epic the hair is in this photo. At the wedding I would like to get a pic with each of my girls. 

I want my photos to express movement, emotion, and be more free. I don't want any stuffy stand around photos that are the mainstream typical photos you always see.

I have a super awesome photographer who I know can pull these shots off. I'm excited to have a little photo shoot with my girls on the day of the wedding. It will be fun. I'm sure we may feel silly at moments, but that's all part of it!