Things that would be nice to have...

I have been trying to find the perfect aviators...but the right ones just haven't come along. I majorly need by Vegas - so I guess now the hunt continues and my first stop will be Michael Kors.

Diamonds are a girls best friend. My mom had bought me some beautiful diamond earrings a long time ago - but I unfortunately lost them. I would really like to get a new pair. They are the perfect accessory that is very timeless. You can wear them every day, with every outfit! I love the shape of the ones above!

Gold scissors? Ahmaze. Once we move into the new house - I'm buying these. I love them!

Every girl needs the perfect LBD. I don't feel like I have one in my wardrobe right now. I want one that would be good for day or night. Something simple and elegant. The right LBD is really hard to find...

What's a girl to do when she wants a great black bag and has to choose between Celine + Balenciaga?

I really want fun and interesting details like this lamp at the new house. They would add character and charm.

The perfect party partner. Music is the key to a good party - so this will also be needed for the endless amount of gatherings that I hope to have at the new house. Space = Party.

Oh and since it's Friday and the weekend is almost here, wanted to share with you some amazing recipes I've maid via Pinterest in the past week - so you can enjoy too!

Skinny Cheesy Potatoes: These were really good - but I used real potatoes and grated them. Next time I would cube them.

Huevos Rancheros:  Such a great breakfast! I ate mine without the tortilla since I am on a health regime, but my fiance loved it with the tortilla. I also added cheese just for some extra flavour!

Hummus: On Pinterest - this was titled, "Best Hummus Recipe Ever!" - well it's true. It is delicious and I pretty much ate the whole dip in 3 days.

Lemon + Feta Dip: Very light and packed with flavour. Takes about 2 minutes to whip up! I cut up some carrots and cucumber and toasted some pitas for dipping. I tossed the leftover dip into some kale and it made an unreal dresses - you just have to add a bit of olive oil to thin it out.

Turkey Lettuce Tacos: This was dinner the other night. Such great flavouring in the meat. 

7 Layer Crazy Greek Dip: Made this for Easter dinner. It's more like a meal and hard to scoop. Tasted great thou.

Happy shopping, cooking, and decorating this weekend!