Seeing Stripes

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Achieving the ever so chic Parisian style is something that we are all guilty of trying. There is something so effortless about this look. Whether you are actually jet setting off to Paris or just want to be inspired -  this look is anything but boring, it is a timeless look.

How to acheive this look? It's easy. 

Here are the top 5 wardrobe staples to looking like an effortlessly chic Parisian:

1. A striped t-shirt (the Breton Stripe to be exact!)

2. Dark denim (skinny or straigh-leg)

3. A trench coat (or lately a moto-jacket)

4. Large sunglasses

5. A scarf or hat - or both if you are feeling extra Parisian

If you want to add a lil'more to your Parisian look - consider a rouge (red) lipstick or a good shoe (heeled or my fave a low cut boot).

The breton stripe is the #1 Parisian staple. It is a statement piece on its own. Try to choose styles in navy, grey, or cream stripes. The black and white stripe just doesn't have the same effect as the other colours do.

Yes, stripes do make one look wider - so if you are trying to minimize how wide your upper portion of your bod looks - choose a v-neck, tuck a little bit of the shirt in the front, or choose a thicker stripe. I

t is also really important to keep your jewellery to a minimum. You don't need to over think and over accessorize with this look.

I have been embracing this lovely stip while at the same time doing my best to keeping my look very minimal. Hair tied back, rouge lip colour, and dark denim.