Choosing the right bed...

When I think about the main colour scheme for our new house - I think WHITE. For some reason I want every room (except my lavender guest room) white. I'm craving clean crisp white. I want the softness to come with textures, patterns, and other accents in each room.

Right now, our focus is the masterbedroom. Parky is working with my soon to be cousin-in-law to finish plastering our walls. Once that is done - we are on to painting, floor refinishing, closet building, and then lastly decorating. 

I need to order a bed. Like now. I can't seem to decide what to get. Do I get a wooden bed? If so, what colour? I know I want a white serene bedroom - but would I get tired of a white painted bed? I don't want it to look country. I want it to be white, chic, hotel like, cozy, and comfy. Do I just get a upholstered headboard in white or a neutral? I just don't know. Below are some bed options - which one should I get?

Option 1: What do you think of the style + colour?Option #2: Again, what do you think of the style + colour?Option 3: What do you think of the dark wood?OR

Option #4 is to just DIY myself an upholstered headboard in a white/neutral.

What do you think? Option 1, 2, 3, or 4?