Hair decisions - what to do next?

I am getting my hair done today - first time as a married women. Leading up to the wedding I changed my hair from major blonde to my natural brown to make for more timeless wedding photos. Now that the wedding is over - it's a good time to change it up! But should I? It has taken FOREVER to grow my bangs out - seriously forever - not sure if I should keep them or let them go? I loved my ombre hair - but often times - getting the perfect ombre is hard and can damage the hair - is it worth it?

I am one of those girls who loves to get her hair done - but sits stressing at the hair salon during the entire process - worried about the end result - regardless of how confident I feel about the stylist. I've had some horrid hair styles - I mean horrid - I look back at pictures and wonder why didn't anyone ever tell me - and have a good laugh of course.

Below is some inspiration - not sure what I will go with...

Do I get soft blonde highlights and more layers?

Do I bring back a soft ombre and maybe cut my hair a bit shorter?Do I keep it long and just add some soft blonde highlights?Do I get an all over soft brown?Bangs? Keep it dark? Keep it dark and long - don't change much!?