LuluParkyHome Update: Painting and Sconces


Parky + I have been actively updating our home. We have the master bedroom like 85% complete - just need to side tables or paint the ones I have, put the baseboards back on, and put up some artwork. We were able to create the oasis we were looking for!

The first major thing I wanted to do when we moved in was paint...because...

on the main floor. We painted the masterbedroom - but have yet to tackle the main floor. What do you think of the Christmas colours the house has? I do not like it at all - yes, it grows on you - but it's just so not our

Yes, we are both pretty good at painting - but with the ceiling heights and the fact that we would have to paint the ceiling too - we feel its a job best left to the experts. We have a painter coming in tonight to give us a quote to paint the main floor and hallways - but what colour do we choose? Do I stick to white? Not sure...but one thing is for sure...

The 80's style sconces (3 to be exact) need to be swapped out for something nicer, up to date and more our taste. 

The sconces have to some what go together with this chandelier because we love it so much - it came with the house - and we are not prepared to change it out. It is definitely a show piece. So here are the new sconce options:

Do you like 1 or 2?

Both options are from Restoration Hardware: 1 vs. 2