Homey Home Decor

Having white walls allows for colour play with furniture, pillows, and accent furniture. Having a solid clean white palette on the walls allows you to switch out pieces that may be deamed more trendywhen you aren't so keen about them or if your taste changes. This way you aren't having to start fresh with an entire new colour story each time you want to make a switch to one piece or another.

The whiteness in the kitchen, dining, living space is amped up with glamourous lighting and finishings. The chandelier is definitely a statement piece and instead of it being over the table like they are usually positioned in a home - it is over the island - really adding some chic to this quite warm and homey space.

Traditionally when one things of white - they think cold and sterile. The natural elements that were added to this room are what gives it a homey vibe. The wood floor in a dark stain, the bright green of the plant, and other decorative antique/vintage finds tucked away in corners give this room the dimension and contrast that is often needed in an all white space.

White walls and dark floors makes for a rich space. The paneling on the walls really helps to add dimension to the space and some interest. When entertaining the company always hangs around the kitchen - so why not make it a space people want to hang in? Having a banquette or couch as an optional seat at your dining table makes for a place you and your company could spend hours at.

xo Lu